Thursday, July 7, 2016

The story behind "Scary Stories 3: A Hundred Candles" started out many moons ago in a different part of the world, at a time when making a Short Film was pretty much as inaccessible to a poor photographer's apprentice as making a Feature Film was. This was before the days of video, and so the only choices to be had were 16mm film (expensive) and 35mm film (more expensive). However, writing was cheap and easy, and a couple of local stories provided the impetus for what was going to be 100 candles, and I duly took note and wrote what I called then a "snapshot" of the idea, basically something longer than a synopsis and shorter than an outline, that didn't so much remind me of the story and characters of the film so much as the atmosphere that story evoked, and the emotion it sustained.

Later, over the years, I'd add to the actual story, and amend it in the telling of it, and thus arrive at the structure it has now, but then, when preparing this story for publication, I went back to my original story snapshot and was vividly reminded about how life was back then when I was considering it for the first time, fresh in the mind, as it were.

That, in turn, drove the prose version of what you have here. It's short, but sweet.

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