Friday, July 15, 2016

Scary Stories 4: My Best Friend is out!

One of my faves, this is a cross between a female BFF story and, well, something I believe we all share, women and men both. Like all the other stories, the scary story part is, I feel, just scary enough to keep things interesting, but I'm not a fan of the out-and-out scary monster story, so this isn't one of them. I am a fan of romance and love-and-death stories, so that's what you'd be in for on this particular ride.

Yes, I do write action stories. Yes, those are coming right along.

It's these small, and I'd like to believe, poignant, pieces of prose that are in themselves worth quite a lot (to me, at least) that I thought I'd share with you first, though, mainly because they're the ones that called out the most to get out of me and over to you.

Over to you!

SS5: Muse - in the works now!

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