Thursday, July 7, 2016

For those who were wondering how I managed to publish two novels in two days...

[edit: that's three novels in four days now]

No, I wasn't up all night writing a book as fast as my little fingers could type.
Yes, I've been writing these stories for years (no, not each story taking years, either) and not doing anything with them. Some of them are in screenplay format, others already in prose, and the time came to do something about it, I guess.
"Play for Me" started out life as an optioned screenplay, many moons ago. Its treatment, in prose form, only needed a pass or two to get it up to snuff.
LIkewise, "Succubus" was a commissioned magazine story that has been updated, spiced up, buffed up, and repurposed to be its own standalone novel. I think the story is far better served today, by the way, than it ever was in the social climes that existed when it was first conceived and written.
I have many more such stories. Mostly they were generated, as I've mentioned elsewhere, as far back as boarding school where as a dorm prefect we had the responsibility of settling the young 'uns into their sleep in the face of mostly inclement weather and definitely acute homesickness. So long stories of appropriate grandeur and aplomb were fashioned unto the task. And, I'd like to believe, they succeeded magnificently.
With the advent of the Information Age and broadcast technology, face-to-face storytelling died a death. Nobody made up bedtime stories and just told them out loud any more.
However, we're now over all of that and well into the Communication Age. So we're back to real, minimum-two-way communication again.
So it's time for these stories I've been guarding to be released.
And new ones to take their place.
More titles coming soon!

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