Thursday, July 7, 2016

Old Beginnings...


I became what I've recommended to many other friends - an author, on Amazon and Kindle.

Those of you who have known me for a while also know that I have been writing stories since, oh, I don't remember when. 12 years old, maybe? And I do mean writing pretty continuously, from then until now.

Mainly science fiction, but a lot of what I call speculative misadventures... what if? and then oops!

So. With many thanks to Markus Innocenti, Sam Longoria, Michael Auerbach and especially Shelley Lawrence, I finally pulled the lead out and finalized some of those long-dusty manuscripts for the press.

Actually, thanks must go to Jamall Olokum as well, because he obliquely kickstarted me in all of this long form project business by recommending that his peeps undertake a 30-day personal project of their own choosing. Now that was in the photography arena, and the photos he recommended people pursue were for submission to an ad agency, but he gave me the idea of doing a long form book project, and my photo book, soon to be released, "LBD/CRL" (Little Black Dress", a boho lifestyle fashion photo book, magazine and videos) was born.

Having whetted my appetite a little for that kind of thing, Shelley immediately embarked upon a book project of her own, and then circumstances conspired to put me behind the author's seat for "Play For Me," my first published novel. My son, Harlan, now 15, is an e-gamer and a YouTube publisher, and wants to join the UC e-gaming teams (yes, e-gaming is now an official sport so watch out, all you jocks!) and I needed a quick and fairly scary story for Kindle, so, on the 4th of July, "Scary Stories: Play for Me" was released into the unsuspecting world.

This was followed only two days later by "Scary Stories 2: Succubus" which is an old favorite of mine, revamped (literally, I guess) to make it play better with the others in this series. No, I didn't write this book in two days. It was literally 16 hellish drafts, many moons ago, that yielded this little forbidden fruit. Adults only, hope you enjoy it.

What next? More stories, of course! Some will be short and scary (yes, like many others, I do start off intending the next one to be a really short story, but somehow (it's the formatting, I tell you!) it gets out of hand and longer. Oh well, more value for your money, I'd guess.

Having spent most of my adult life in pursuit of the sublime, condensed into the essence of the mundane, I'm having fun just writing for the joy of it. Veuve and gusto!


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