Saturday, August 20, 2016

To all the guardians of light and form,
to all the gentle folk across time and space
who labor in solitude to perfect their vision,
whether by brush, pen, pencil, chisel or lens,
or voice or instrument, on paper, canvas, plastic, 
stone or shadow, light, sound or electron,
to all those with creative soul, mind and vision
who are judged, while they toil, as fools
by those who are far from their peers,
until they are finally done
and their work is called genius
by those very same judges,

I salute you.

That's from the Dedication section of my new novel, "Evanescent", just completed.

Yes, it is something of a ghost story, but really it's more about the awareness of a person involved in the arts. Any person, really. And if one is truly aware, and actively cultivates that awareness, then magic and wonder await.

Anyone a photographer? This one's especially for you!

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